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Why Carlson? 

International Experience

The Carlson School is leading by example in recognizing the increasingly global business community. The Carlson school is one of the first in the country to require all undergraduate and graduate students to incorporate an international experience into their degree requirements. In fact, few schools can match the Carlson School’s level of study abroad student participation.

Opportunities range from short-term, intensive international studies to full semesters abroad to executive-level global partner programs. All Carlson School students are given dynamic international learning opportunities that truly help them develop a deeper understanding of contemporary business issues and prepare them to be globally competent business leaders.

Experiential Learning

Building on the School’s commitment to creating dynamic, challenging experiences that have real-world application, the Carlson School offers experiential learning opportunities that take students out of the classroom in order to directly partner with the business community. The core idea is that students engage more readily with knowledge if they can live it.

There’s the Emerging Leadership ProgramVirtual Team ProjectsGlobal Executive MBA programsCarlson Enterprise programs (the nation’s largest MBA student-driven businesses), case competitions, and the New Product Design & Business Development Program, just to name a few. Whatever a student’s passion, there’s an experiential learning opportunity at the Carlson School.


Part of one of the leading public research land grant universities in the country, research by Carlson School faculty continually contributes new knowledge and business practices that are directly applied in the corporate world.

Major research contributions by Carlson School faculty include the creation of the “4Ps of marketing,” which is now a core principle taught in business schools worldwide; and the creation of the field of Management Information Systems, with the first-ever department, internationally recognized research center, and information systems degree. In addition, the Carlson School is highly ranked for the number of articles its faculty publishes in top academic journals.


The Carlson School’s Multicultural Affairs & Diversity Education department’s mission is to support the recruitment of a highly diverse student body across all programs; to support the academic success of students from historically underrepresented and non-traditional backgrounds; and to advance diversity and intercultural competencies as essential aspects of intellectual growth and human development for all Carlson students.

The Carlson School actively supports the institutional commitment to and values for equity and diversity, as articulated in Reimagining Equity and Diversity: A Framework for Transforming the University of Minnesota (PDF) (Office for Equity and Diversity, 2008).

Business Connections

The Carlson School is constantly creating mutually beneficial partnerships with companies small and large, from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. This unique collaboration gives businesses myriad opportunities to engage high-caliber Carlson School students and faculty in real-world business situations.

The Carlson School also benefits from the time and talent of numerous executives and leaders who serve on a variety of advisory boards at the school, who provide guest lectures in courses, and who ensure through their collaborative interactions that the Carlson School stays tuned to the needs of the business community.

  Fields of Study

Social Sciences

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Minneapolis, Carlson School of Management
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