Who is the world leader in digital security?

by Nagravision October 28th, 2011


In a highly competitive and ever changing marketplace, it is essential for Nagra Kudelski to provide its clients with the most advanced technologies available. To achieve this objective, we can count on the support of the dedicated and talented people we employ in all areas of our business.

We already have a solid base of core skills in the development and deployment of advanced conditional access solutions. But we want to continue to expand our skills, which is why we strive to identify and recruit the best experts in this type of technology, as well as in newer areas of the digital television ecosystem such as mobile and Internet television, interactivity and home device networking.


Our fundamental aim in terms of human resources is to have on board the most qualified people to anticipate and meet customer requirements, enabling our company to react rapidly and efficiently to market developments. For example, within the research & development teams and the customer service and support groups, the company has a large cross-section of highly skilled software developers, architects and engineers, engaged in refining and deploying some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world.


We recently introduced a new performance development system designed to measure our employees’ performance versus objectives, as well as rating proficiency against company-wide core competencies and technical skills. It also establishes development plans that help our people improve their on-the-job performance. Beyond performance and development, the new system provides a solid base to look at succession planning and drive recruiting strategies.


The rapid growth of our company has created new needs in terms of training. Alongside continuous staff training in our ever changing technologies and products, we have launched an extensive program of new courses in the areas of soft-skill/competency training, including but not limited to leadership, communications and creativity. Furthermore, we continue to focus our training efforts on important functional areas such as account and project/program management.

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