Real challenge is a must for an ex-athlete

by Metso October 27th, 2011

Metso Careers: Real challenge is a must for an ex-athlete

Education Master of Science majoring in Paper Technology and Automation Technology from Tampere University of Technology
Position Engineering Manager, Projects
Location Automation, Tampere, Finland


As an ex-athlete I am challenge-driven. I need my work to provide me with both professional and intellectual challenges. Of course, it is not only about accomplishment: work must be in balance with other aspects of life and there must be a way to control your personal load. To handle this, you need good communication with superiors and colleagues. Personal development is another important intrinsic motivator at work.


A perfect personal fit

An internationally operating company like Metso delivering high-technology products to the process industry was an appealing alternative and a perfect personal fit for a graduate student fresh out of university.

After completing my thesis for Metso (then Valmet-) Automation on Project Management processes about ten years ago, I started as a Project Engineer for international projects, which were initially mainly Asian and Latin American.

Currently I manage a project organization of skilled professionals from various backgrounds. I am responsible for coordinating project realization and resourcing in global projects.


Interpersonal skills needed on-site

Working in a multidimensional, international organization is dynamic and requires communication. You are in continuous cooperation with regional organizations, product lines and other business areas. Despite having three major and rather independent business segments, there is cooperation among the segments.

We use our management and communication systems daily to stay in sync with our operations. The workplace itself operates in a rather casual manner. Our team consists mainly of engineers with different specialties working together to deliver results to our customers.

When at customers, we work as specialists to make our products and services reach the customers’ targets. Our on-site operations are global, so a lot of international and interpersonal skills are needed daily.


Business relations turn to friendship

We have excellent people at Metso contributing to the company. The best aspect with Metso is the cooperation among great colleagues and customers from all over the world.

During the ten years with Metso, I have created a large amount of business relationships that have turned into lasting personal friendships. It does not matter if you are in New Zealand, China or Brazil, there are always friends to visit. It is also rewarding to implement and succeed in development initiatives that improve our team’s operational efficiency.


Sharing thoughts globally

To keep updated on the technology development, I try to keep myself up to date on the industry around our business. I am doing a lot of independent work by reading business literature and studying, for example, management, leadership and corporate strategy. I have also enjoyed several training courses, which included topics such as leadership and strategy implementation.

Most recently, I finalized the Metso Navigator training program that incorporated leaders from all of Metso’s business segments globally. It has been very effective for cooperation and sharing thoughts with peers from other businesses.

Metso is truly an international multi-segment company with good and still developing integration between the different business segments.

If your desire is to work for a top-technology company serving the customer industries with solutions that have a true value to the end users and for the environment, Metso is your place. With Metso, you can develop yourself in order to excel at your job.


The main kick: getting things done

We have open communication among subordinates and superiors and the feedback, both positive and negative, does get through. The best feedback for me as a manager is to receive positive feedback of my team members.

I am always looking for new means to develop and replenish my knowledge. At Metso, we have customized development programs in place to enable our professional development according to our personal goals.

Getting people collectively committed for a common goal and getting things done is the main kick for me. It does not require special occasions for me to enjoy what I do. When everything flows smoothly, it is rather enjoyable to operate as a part of our process.


What does the following word bring into your mind?

Technology – the qualifier to be in the business, the main differentiator for Metso are the people 
Environment – importance personally and also in business increasing all the time
Learning – continuous learning keeps up the motivation and interest 
Hard work – to do your work fully committed, not necessary putting in 100-hour weeks
Career –your tasks will develop if you develop and show it
Plan – basis of project-based business and the corporate life 
Idea – everyone’s ideas must be brought up, the best ones are rewarded 
Boss – everyone deserves a good boss: challenge the current one if you’re not happy with the Boss
Challenge – bring one over and we’ll crack it: at least we’ll pull one ‘helluva’ try.
Customer – we need to make them succeed
Flexibility – determines how successful we are in deploying our assets in a dynamic environment. We need to be (occasionally) personally flexible as well.
Ethics – personal code of conduct on how to treat fellow people equally and act according to commonly known rules and legislation 
Values – corporate values that are norms for us all in an otherwise rather open and free operating environment.

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