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Why Work For Us?

With our innovations for energy supply, healthcare, urban infrastructures and industrial productivity, we provide answers to urgent questions of our time. The Siemens Graduate Program (SGP) offers you the ideal start to your career –it is an intensive and internationally oriented two-year program and will prepare you for future leadership tasks, offering both flexibility and diverse work experiences.

Deadlines & Application Process

Please apply online. For further information please check our website: www.siemens.com/careers/sgp

Siemens Careers

There can be no answers without people who ask questions. Siemens has ignited revolutions in industry, energy and healthcare – all because of more than 405,000 people worldwide who dare to ask questions every day.

How can we meet the rising demand for energy and protect the environment at,the same time? How can we increase industrial productivity without increasing CO2 emissions? How can we make healthcare efficient, patient-friendly and affordable? And how can we turn megacities into great places to live?

To find answers to the toughest questions of our time, we need people who dare to ask them. Open-minded, curious people who have a thorough understanding of the world we live in. Dedicated people who are determined to find answers. People who want to make a difference. Just like the 405,000 people of Siemens. And, maybe, just like you. 

Your career at Siemens

Whether you’re a student looking for opportunities to put your ideas into practice, a graduate planning to start your career, or an experienced professional searching for new challenges, if you dare to ask big, Siemens could be the ideal place for you. Because that is exactly what we’ve done every day since Werner von Siemens opened shop in 1847.

Just have a look at our Siemens Graduate Program: www.siemens.com/careers/sgp


Working for a global market leader

Today, Siemens is a fully integrated technology company actively operating in more than 190 countries.

We’re global market leaders in many fields, offering a wide range of pioneering products for energy efficiency, industrial productivity, affordable healthcare, and intelligent infrastructure, with a quickly growing focus on sustainability.

Our environmental portfolio is already the most comprehensive worldwide.

We invite you to find out more about Siemens – and also to discover why some of the world’s most talented people choose to work with us.



We offer you

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    • Work environment
    • Attractive workplace location
    • Creative / innovative environment
    • Dynamic / fast-paced environment
    • International environment
    • Team-oriented environment
    • Your role
    • Chance to be promoted quickly
    • Chance to learn and develop personally
    • Opportunities to work abroad
    • Image
    • Company is international

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Energy/Natural Resources


Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
81739 München

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