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Global research on Employer Branding and Online Recruiting.


Act on understanding

Understanding talent is where smart recruitment begins. But it is worth nothing if it does not lead to the next step. A map helps you to set your goal by telling you where you are, and where you can be. A compass on the other hand shows you how to get there.

Potentialpark provides employers with two things: understanding of how, where and why job seekers make decisions, both on the Internet and in real life; and based on that, with advice on how to use this knowledge to find, reach and connect with the right people on a global level. Do not enter the jungle half equipped.

To actually reach your target-group, act on understanding.

Our Expertise

Potentialpark Communications offers knowledge for top employers, client-specific surveys and studies as well as expert advice. We are the number one research and consulting company for webcentric recruitment communication.

Our work starts with your biggest challenges, concerns and question marks as a top employer. Select one of the topics below and see what we can do for you.


Why work for us

Potentialpark delivers highly professional client-quality research and consulting services to the largest corporations in the world. Therefore we continuously look for smart and driven people. We seek to get in touch with students, graduates, early career professionals and experienced hires worldwide. We make individual offers, depending on your skills, experience, ambition and the area you want to work in.

Five reasons to join Potentialpark and Entrypark:

  • 1. You will make a difference, people will listen to you, and your initiative is appreciated.
  • 2. We look for strong individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique sets of strengths.
  • 3. Your career will develop according to your ambition, not the other way around.
  • 4. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • 5. We don't hire you to fill a vacant position, but because we want you.


Go to Who we look for to find out about requirements. And go to Open opportunities to check out career opportunities in the different departments. There you will also find the right contact person for you.

We offer you


We look for

    • Education
    • Business studies
    • Social Science studies
    • Bachelor Degree
    • Grades
    • Natural Science studies
    • Experience
    • Leadership experience
    • Project Management experience
    • Skills
    • Creativity
    • Self-awareness

Company information


Management Consulting


Potentialpark Communications AB
Nygränd 10
111 30 Stockholm

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