University of Kitakyushu

With the aim of becoming the “most considerate university for international students in Japan, ”the University has developed an outstanding support system for international students.


The University of Kitakyushu was established by Kitakyushu City, a city that is actively addressing environmental issues with the aim of developing into a global ecological center. With two campuses (Kitagata and Hibikino Campuses), the University has five faculties (Foreign Studies, Economics & Business Administration, Law, Humanities and Environmental Engineering), four Graduate Schools and one Program (Program of Studies for Revitalization of Local Communities).

Kitagata Campus is located about 10 minutes by monorail from Kokura Station in downtown Kitakyushu; Hibikino Campus is located in Kitakyushu Science and Research Park, which houses many universities and research institutes that play leading roles in the development of advanced technology.

The two campuses provide students with an optimal living and learning environment.
The University has established a Student Plaza with the objective of ensuring that students enjoy a fulfilling student life and enhanced career education. In fact, many students use the Plaza’s employment information service and comprehensive consulting service for daily issues. In addition, the Center for International Education and Exchange serves as a hub of support for over 200 international students studying at the University. The press has reported that the University is the “most considerate university for international students in Japan” because it also has various financial support systems for international students, including a National Health Insurance subsidy system and a scholarship system.

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University of Kitakyushu

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