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The University

Our mission is to develop visionary leaders who create and innovate societies.

In 1992, GLOBIS —a name combining “global” with “business”— started with just one marketing course in Tokyo. A part-time MBA program in Japanese (GMBA) was established in 2006, inheriting the traditions and reputation of our entrepreneurial past. GLOBIS launched a part-time MBA program in English (IMBA) in 2009. Now GLOBIS has grown to become the largest management education institution in Japan. In 2012, we will launch a full-time MBA program, which is an important cornerstone for the goal to become the No.1 business school in Asia.

The Business School

The Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University was established in 2006, and has grown to become the largest school in Japan. The School has also gained high marks in the area of educational quality. It occupied the top rank in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the “Satisfaction Levels of MBA Students in Japan” survey released by Nikkei Human Resources, Inc. GLOBIS aims to produce visionary leaders who create and innovate societies, who can develop and transform businesses in Japan and other countries in Asia.

The Program

1. Full-time MBA

GLOBIS will launch its Full-time MBA program in September 2012. The GLOBIS Full-time MBA is a one year program designed for those who would like to have an intensive, exciting MBA experience allowing them to become visionary leaders who create and innovate societies in a short period of time. Whether you’re looking to switch positions within your current company, would like to explore new industries or find your mission in life, the Full-time MBA program welcomes everyone willing to grow and arm themselves with the skills needed to lead the future of business.
There are full tuition scholarships available for successful applicants from overseas.

Please consult our website to find out more about the application rounds for the Full-time MBA program.
2. Part-time MBA

The GLOBIS Part-time MBA is a two year Part-time program designed for working professionals who wish to obtain their MBA degree during weekday evenings and weekends. The Part-time MBA program for 2012 will start in April 2012.
Please consult our website to find out more about the application rounds for the Part-time MBA program.

The Faculty

GLOBIS creates an educational environment that is academic, yet practical, and led by lecturers with actual business experience.
Our lecturers have actual management experience in a wide array of industries. Many of them received MBA degrees from top business schools and can closely relate to students’ experiences.
All GLOBIS faculty possess excellent facilitation skills—one of our biggest requirements when selecting new lecturers. As most of our classes are discussion-based, it is extremely important for lecturers to guide the discussions and make sure everyone had the opportunity to contribute to class. They truly enable students to cross the line between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing.’
Lecturers at GLOBIS are dedicated to students’ personal growth and future success, and continue to support them even after graduation. Lecturers are also easily accessible, and often enjoy an after-class drink with their students. Long-lasting friendships and business partnerships between lecturers and students are not uncommon.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for our MBA Programs are required to satisfy all the following conditions at the time of entrance
- Bachelor degree or equivalent
- Three or more years of work experience
- Be at least 22 years of age

1. Full-time MBA
- Diploma & Transcript
- Letter of recommendation + essays
- Personal interview
- Certificate of proficiency in the English language (where applicable), e.g.: TOEFL (minimum: iBT 83/CBT 220)
- Statement of Source of Funds
- Application Fee

2. Part-time MBA
- Diploma & Transcript
- 1 letter of recommendation + 4 essays 
- Examination (Logical thinking test)
- Personal interview
- Certificate of proficiency in the English language (where applicable), e.g.: TOEFL (minimum: iBT 83/CBT 220)
- Statement of Source of Funds
- Application Fee

Application Procedure

1. Application
Please submit all the application documents through registered mail to the Admissions Office or upload them using the Applications Portal on our website. Your application must be received by the application deadline.

2. Interview and Examination
All applicants who pass the document screening will proceed to the second screening, an interview and an examination. The Admissions Office will notify you of the interview and examination date by mail and e-mail.

3. Notification of admission
Notification of admission will be mailed to the applicant. The admission result will not be communicated by phone.

Tuition and Fees

1. Full-time MBA 
JPY 3,800,000

2. Part-time MBA
JPY 2,848,000

*These fees do not include living and other expenses such as extra-curricular activities and non-GLOBIS textbooks. A single person can expect to pay at least 150,000 yen/month depending on housing and lifestyle. A 2-3 person family may expect to pay about 1.5 times the cost of a single person, but the actual cost may vary.

Financial Aid

Pursuing your MBA is one of the most important decisions you will make; it is an investment in yourself and in your future. GLOBIS helps you explore financing options so you may make informed decisions. The GLOBIS Financial options includes scholarships from GLOBIS and scholarships from other organizations
Our scholarships are available for both people living in Japan and overseas.
Click on the following link to find out more about our scholarships:


GLOBIS is located in the center of Japan’s capital, making it the perfect choice for internationally minded business leaders.

Tokyo is a buzzing, first-class metropolis, home to dozens of blue-chip companies and the world’s largest metropolitan economy, with a GDP of US$1.412 trillion.* It is a leading city in design, fashion, architecture, engineering, technology and finance.

Tokyo has a very highly developed infrastructure, financial and political stability, a large number of global financial institutions and the second-largest stock market in the world (by market capitalization). Tokyo is a ‘command center’ of the global economy and yet a highly efficient, extremely safe, very liveable city. From fashionable Shibuya, Ginza and Harajuku, to bustling Shinjuku and Marunouchi, Tokyo is truly a world-class metropolis.

*Source: World Bank 200


GLOBIS works hard to ensure you a smooth transition to living in Japan. Our housing services offer practical information on renting cost-effective apartments. GLOBIS can act as a guarantor for apartments, which is often required for house rental in Japan, saving your time and money, and ensuring a comfortable relocation.

Student Life

GLOBIS is more than a business school. The network of people you will meet here, the invaluable skills you will obtain and the personal mission you will be encouraged to shape will help you become a ‘visionary leader who creates and innovates societies.’
GLOBIS exists to educate people who are ambitious—not for self-aggrandizing purposes, but for creating positive changes in society. This is why GLOBIS puts particular emphasis on the development of its students’Kokorozashi. During your studies at GLOBIS, you will be given ample opportunities to think deeply about your own personal mission and discover what you are truly passionate about. By developing this inner drive, you will be able to forge a personal network and utilize the many skills you will gain during your studies.
The contacts and friendships you make at GLOBIS may change your life. A diverse mix of students, a truly global faculty and associations with top business leaders will help start you on your path to success. GLOBIS peers, alumni and lecturers may become your future business partners, investors or mentors—it all comes down to how much effort you put into expanding your personal network. Try meeting as many people as possible during your studies at GLOBIS, as your network of contacts will be an essential tool in supporting your mission and success in life.
GLOBIS students do not just learn hard business skills such as accounting, finance and marketing—they also study the soft skills needed to innovate and create value in a globalized world. Communication, negotiation, critical thinking and management philosophy are just a few of the many topics you will cover during your studies at GLOBIS, all of which will help contribute to your personal growth.

Pre-MBA Course

Are you not sure if our MBA programs are a fit for you? Do you want to experience our MBA before enrolling? Begin your MBA study before officially enrolling by taking courses through the Pre-MBA system!

- The Pre-MBA offers students the chance to take MBA courses before officially enrolling in the either the Full-time or Part-time MBA program
- You can see if our MBA programs are a fit for you by trying as little as one course before applying
- When admitted to the our programs, students may transfer credits earned in the Pre-MBA to their MBA program
- The same amount of tuition you paid for any of the Pre-MBA courses will be subtracted from the tuition for your MBA
- The Pre-MBA period is limited to 1 year
- Pre-MBA students may take up to 15 credits (10 courses)

 University information

GLOBIS University
Sumitomo Fudosan Kojimachi Bldg., 5-1 Niban-cho, Chiyoda-ku
102-0084 Tokyo


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