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One of Canada's most innovative universities, Concordia values inter-disciplinary approaches to learning, and is dedicated to offering the best possible scholarship, research and training.

Undergraduate study

There are nearly 300 Bachelors and Certificate programs offered by the four faculties. Discover our programs by selecting the degree or certificate you wish to pursue or browse our A-Z subject list.


Graduate study

Concordia offers over 100 graduate programs, available full-time or part-time, at the doctoral, master's, diploma and certificate levels. The programs are offered by the four faculties and the School of Graduate Studies.

Continuing Education

Concordia offers non-credit courses and professional programs in areas such as information technology, business and e-commerce, communications, public relations, human resources management, and English as a second language. There are also distance and online learning opportunities as well as executive eduction programs. Find out more about Continuing Education opportunities at Concordia.

Co-op programs

Get on-the-job experience with co-operative education programs in which academic study terms alternate with work terms in the private and public sectors while continuing to study towards a university degree. The Institute for Co-Operative Education offers co-op programs in all four faculties and the School of Graduate Studies. Find out more about co-op programs.

International students

Concordia welcomes applicants from all parts of Canada, the United States and abroad; our international students come from more than 150 different countries and make up about 12 per cent of our 38,809 for-credit students. Discover more aboutinternational students at Concordia.

Visiting Students

Students who are registered at other universities and can obtain written approval from their home university to take courses at Concordia may be granted visiting students status. Find out more about visiting students at Concordia.

Independent Students

If you are interested in taking courses for general knowledge or job-related purposes or want to “test the waters” prior to embarking on studies toward an undergraduate or graduate degree, you may apply for admission as an Independent student. Independent students are students not seeking a Degree or Certificate but registered in individual courses on a part-time basis. Find out more about Independent students.

Other Options

In keeping with the general principles accepted by all Québec universities, the policy of Concordia is that admission is open to any qualified applicant, in the program of his or her choice, within the limits of its resources.

Find out more about applying to Concordia as a mature students (21 or over), applying for readmission and transferring to Concordia

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Concordia University
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