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Zagreb School of Economics and Management

The mission of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management is to transfer values, knowledge, and skills that students need for long-term success in a globalized business world undergoing constant technological and market transformations.

ZSEM Upholds the Highest International Standards

ZSEM was the first Croatian institution of higher education to become a member of the AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). 

One of ZSEM’s strategic goals is developing and delivering internationally recognized business education programs.  In that regard, the AACSB’s standards are the standards we aspire to.


The Zagreb School of Economics and Management has been voted the best business school in Croatia by Eduniversal for four consecutive years, most recently in 2011. Our MBA programs have been voted among the 200 best in the world, with our Quantitative Finance program voted among the best 100 in the world.  Considering that ZSEM is only 10 years old, and already is considered the best in the region, along with globally ranked programs, this is a testament to the quality and strength of the educational experience we offer our students.

ZSEM Study programs

  • Undergraduate Economics and Management Program

Lasts four years, 240 ECTS points

Available in English and Croatian

  • Graduate MBA

Lasts one year, 60 ECST points

Available in English and Croatian

  • Master of Arts in Economics

Lasts two years, 120 ECTS points

Undergraduate Program (240 ECTS)

Our undergraduate Program in Economics and Management was designed according to the best practices of the world’s best business schools, with our own unique contributions to make the program fitting for our context. It was developed in cooperation with several esteemed professors and experts from our extensive global network of partner universities.

The result is a program that is competitive and comparable to undergraduate programs of some of the world’s best business schools.

In our undergraduate program, we use some of the most advanced educational technology. We’re one of the first business schools in this region to offer the option of an undergraduate program exclusively in English, in which foreign students who have finished high school outside of Croatia are more than welcome. We offer a vast array of elective courses, and have one of the most diverse foreign language departments you’ll be able to find. Every year of our program has its own coordinator, to facilitate communication between professors and students. It’s just another way we live our goal of personalized education.

Graduate MBA Program (60 ECTS)

Our MBA program lasts for one year, during which you’ll earn 60 ECTS points and the title of Master of Business Administration. The program is available in English and Croatian, and is taught by distinguished Croatian and international professors.  Along with professors from ZSEM, you’ll be taught by professors from Bocconi in Milan, the University of Michigan in the United States, and other universities from our extensive partnership network.

Our program is intended for those that have completed a four-year undergraduate program; however, those with a completed three-year program can also apply, but will be required to pass some prerequisite courses.

Our program isn’t just for business professionals; it’s for everyone seeking to hone their business skills. Our MBA program will give you the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.  For those with a non-business background, we will provide a preparatory semester in which you’ll take Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management, Principles of Business Finance, Principles of Accounting, and Principles of Economics.

All of our classes are interactive, as we’ll seek not only to teach you theory, but also how to apply it. You’ll have extensive case studies that will test your analytical skills, you’ll partake in simulations that will test your decision making skills, and work on group projects with your friends and colleagues.  You’ll have access to our state-of-the-art learning software, Blackboard, where you’ll have all of your course materials at your fingertips, be able to communicate directly with your professors and colleagues, and take online tests.

Our MBA program can make a profound difference on your career, and can help you tackle problems your peers can’t, as well as help you advance in your organization.  Our program has also been specifically designed with working professionals in mind, with lectures taking place in the afternoons, so you’ll be able to balance your work, studies, and personal life. Once you graduate, you’ll be able to continue your education at one of our 90 partner universities on every continent.

Master of Arts in Economics (120 ECTS)

If you’re looking to build a career in economic, to do research or work for financial institutions and commercial banks, our Master of Arts in Economics is your first step. Developed according to the world’s best economics masters programs (Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc.), our MA in Economic will be your connection between an undergraduate degree, and a doctorate. This program is taught exclusively in English, and has a duration of two years.


During this program, you will develop superior economic analytical skills, along with a solid foundation in economic theory and application. By the completion of this program, you will be able to understand and explain every relevant economic issue through the application of complex models. You will be ready to embark in a career in research, and will be able to continue your career in institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and many more.

However, be advised that the highly demanding nature of this program reflects in our application standards, where candidates are ranked primarily on their research potential. To apply, you must have finished a three or four year undergraduate program, or an undergraduate degree in Business Economics, Economics, Mathematics, Physics or Electrical Engineering (a minimum of 180 ECTS points).

International Exchange Program

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management isn’t just a business school, it’s an experience. One of our greatest advantages is our immense network of partner institutions, more than 90 in all, spread over all of the Earth’s continents. Every year, more than 10% of our students spend at least one semester abroad at our partner universities. We also accept a large inflow of international students, so you’ll never have to leave our campus, if you so choose, to learn about other cultures.

We currently have students all over the globe, from Australia to Brazil, from the United States to China, from Germany, Italy, and France to Russia. If you’d rather just spend a few weeks abroad, you can attend summer school at one of our partner institutions or participate in one of our numerous study trips, to some of the world’s most exotic locations.

ZSEM Summer School

If you’re looking to earn some extra credits, while having a fun and unforgettable summer, consider ZSEM’s Summer School. Every year  from late June to the middle of July, our Summer School enrolls students from all over the world, and lets them take classes that fit their interests, and broaden their horizons by discovering the beauty and magic of Croatia.

You can take courses in International Relations, Creativity & innovation, International Finance, International Management, Entrepreneurship, New Media Marketing and others. Along with these courses, you will have a course in Croatian Studies, completely free of charge, where you will learn about Croatia’s rich heritage.

You will also take numerous trips to all parts of Croatia, and you’ll learn why Croatia has become Europe’s hottest tourist destination. From its pristine beaches, to its national parks and lakes, and also its party hotspots and music festivals, Croatia has something for everyone.

All of our Summer School courses are in English.

Career Center

ZSEM’s Career Center assists students in planning their careers, finding suitable internships, and temporary, permanent, or other employment. In turn, the Career Center gives businesses it cooperates with the opportunity to access our rich pool of highly qualified alumni. Our former students have found employment in a wide selection of industries, and are held in high esteem. More than 90% of our students find employment within six months after graduation, which proves not only the quality of our students, but the terrific work of our Career Center.

Upon graduation, each student becomes part of ZSEM’s Alumni family. We work hard to maintain a relationship with our students long after graduation, and many of our alumni are still active in the life of the School, even years after graduation. Our alumni network is also an effective networking tool for former students, and many business partnerships and friendships have been forged through ZSEM.

Executive Education – Lifelong Education

Executive Education offers excellent seminars and in-house training programs for management, marketing, finance, banking, and other business professionals

Our seminars last from one up to ten days, and have been recognized for their utmost quality. This is a result of our extensive collaboration with top local and foreign experts.

Our Executive Education seminars and lectures are designed to be highly interactive, and include business case studies, group assignments, and insightful class discussions. So far, over a thousand participants from leading Croatian and foreign companies, as well as members of Croatia’s public administration, have taken part.

Our Executive Education programs include: the General Management Program, Brand Building and Marketing Communications (in cooperation with the William Davidson Institute from the University of Michigan); the Finance and Banking Program, Basel II and Harmonization of Global Financial Markets (in collaboration with SDA Bocconi Business School, Milan); Distribution and Logistics Management, Product Design, Development and Management, Risk Management in Agribusiness, Leadership Skills, Principles of Audit and Fraud Prevention, Risk Assessment and Controls International, Applied Creativity and Innovation, Capstone Simulation –Company Valuation Management, Marketing with New Media, etc.

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