Paris, HEC School of Management


HEC Paris

 To be a major player in the international arena

HEC Paris has always ensured the appropriate resources to achieve its goals at an international level:

- by encouraging reflection, training and organization in line with the internationalization of economics and management;

- by adhering to a key principle: encouraging exchanges and partnerships in a number of different countries therefore enabling a cross-cultural approach to management;

- by ackowledging the importance of the quality and diversity of our networks, which comes as a result of over 20 years of experience in the field.

 To combine state-of-the-art research with innovative training

- to heighten expertise through research and field surveys.
- to open the way for experimentation and application within companies.
- to anticipate company difficulties.
- to review programs thereby ensuring the latest training in terms of management disciplines.
- to adapt teaching methods using cutting edge technology.

 To train managers rather than train in management

HEC Paris' aim is to become a School of Managers rather than a School of Management. We want to train students that are able to contemplate both the political and social implications. Indeed, we believe that whilst the "technical" side of things is important, it should not by any means overshadow the "human" aspect.

 To ensure training is in line with corporate life today

Such is their importance in the success of our training programs and the integration of our students in the working world that high priority has always been given to the extremely close and varied relations that HEC School of Management has with the business world.

 University information

Paris, HEC School of Management
1, Rue de la Libération
78351 Jouy en Josas


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