Undergraduate Program

by Milano, Politecnico September 4th, 2008

The TUJ undergraduate program is the only such program in Japan where you can earn a U.S. bachelors degree without studying in the United States. It is essentially identical to the one at the main campus and fully accredited, including the same admissions and graduation requirements, minor and double-major subjects, and credit transfer system. The U.S. main campus issues your diploma, making it a true American university degree. Students wishing to study abroad can transfer to the main campus or the Rome campus.

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A source of more than knowledge:

The TUJ program is special because it gives you a lot more than "book knowledge." It teaches you to be an independent, globally minded person who can think analytically, critically, logically and creatively—and communicate effectively in English. The classes are in English, and the atmosphere is international, with non-Japanese students from over 50 countries accounting for a third of the student body.

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Benefits you'll receive at school and after you graduate:

The classes at TUJ are small, averaging about 20 students, and include lectures, discussions, project work, and presentations. Scholarships—including grants to help you transfer to the U.S. main campus—are available. You'll also get solid support from TUJ's internship and job-placement system, which ensures that graduates have a high job acquisition rate.

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Many majors to choose from:

TUJ has one college and four schools offering a total of 11 majors. The College of Liberal Arts offers American studies, Asian studies, economics, international affairs, political science, psychology, and general studies. You can also major in communications at the School of Communications and Theater, art at the Tyler School of Art, and tourism and hospitality through the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The newest option is a business management major offered by the Fox School of Business and Management. Many additional majors are available through the main campus in Philadelphia.

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