Technology Governance at TUT

by Tallinn University of Technology November 2nd, 2007

The one-year Masters program in Technology Governance is a technology-focused special graduate degree in Innovation Policy, Industrial Policy and Development Economics. Theoretically, it presents a realistic alternative to mainstream ("Standard Textbook") Economics. It is taught entirely in English - partially in modules (intensive week-long classes) and partially by overarching courses and workshops; also, there are many excursions and practical visits. The program culminates in a thesis that is to be completed by the end of the academic year.

Because of its specific focus and trans-disciplinary approach, the MA is equally interesting as a first graduate degree right after undergraduate education, as an additional graduate degree after a less trans-disciplinary one, and as an early- or mid-career professional degree for those working in technology government fields, such as ministries, development and promotion authorities, and private companies and NGOs dealing with the subject matter.

Seven good reasons to apply to the Technology Governance program:

  • Studying in one of the most successful new EU member countries with one of the most developed ICT infrastructures worldwide - home of Skype and eVoting
  • Studying in one of the top "funky towns" of the world, a UNESCO world heritage site with beaches and skiing tracks alike
  • Studying at one of the leading technical universities in the region
  • A specialized, recognized MA degree within one academic year
  • Very affordable costs compared to similar degree programs
  • Lectures by top international scholars and thinkers and award-winning lecturers in the field - Carlota Perez, Erik S. Reinert, and Jan Kregel among them
  • A program that is part of the PRIME Master-level exchange program

Do you have a Bachelor's degree and a good command of the English language? Do you also have adequate basic knowledge in economics, history, and technology? Then Technology Governance might be a perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in this special field of interest.

For further information, visit our website: www.ttu.ee/hum/tg

See you at Tallinn University of Technology!

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