Graduate School of Information and Media Management

by Zagreb, Cotrugli Business School September 6th, 2008

KSIM has been selected by the Korean Government's Ministry of Information and Communication to take the leading role in fostering IT professionals within Korea. To assist in this endeavour, KSIM will receive funding of up to 2.9 billion won from 2006 to 2009. For the past 10 years, KGSM had been recognized as the leader in MIS/Telecom education.

Through its competitive and innovative program, KGSM has produced 320 IT management professionals. Following on from this experience and knowledge, KSIM aims to provide the best IT/Communication/Media-related convergence education programs in the fields of convergence and media. With strong ambitions to foster world-class business professionals in the field of IT and media management, the curriculum of KSIM is specialized and industry-oriented for the IT & Media field. KSIM will substantially expand the former curriculum of the MIS/Telecom MBA programs.

Therefore, the curriculum is characterized by its focus on the recent trends and technology of IT Media, as well as general management training. The majority of the student body consists of MBA students delegated from the IT industry and governmental institutes. KSIM is distinctive for its 45 credit/1-year program, unlike the full-time 2-year program of KGSM. KSIM also provides a 3-week customized training program during the summer in the United States. KSIM aims to delve into the concepts of IT management strategy, communication skills, information and communication technology, and the digital media & contents industry; with a firm background in the basic principles of business management. With this setting, KSIM will develop global professionals who can create new growth momentum through the convergence of IT and digital contents and the industrialization of contents.

Academic Programs

KSIM MBA is a one year, full-time, MBA program aimed at those who wish to enter the IT/Media industry, or who already have relevant industry experience. The objective of the program is to produce IT-type professionals who understand both management and IT/Media technology. Additionally, KSIM aims to produce global professionals with the capabilities to compete within the world market. This is achieved through tailor-made training programs that meet the needs of the IT/Media sector.

›› Program & Curriculum

The KSIM MBA curriculum is focused not only on general management, but also on courses related to the trends and core technology of the information/media industry, reflecting the needs of IT-related businesses. In addition, the program consists of a variety of course modules to provide the opportunity to choose and focus on different sectors of the industry which the student wishes to pursue. KSIM provides the following courses specialized for 4 different IT industries:

  • Telecommunications Systems, Device, Service, Industry
  • SI Consulting Industry
  • Semiconductor & Display Industry
  • Digital Media & Entertainment Industry

›› Globalization Education

The majority of the key courses in the Information & Media MBA program are taught in English. In addition to the foreign language training in English and Chinese, the school provides MBA students with overseas training programs with universities (USC, Carnegie Mellon, Tsinghua University, etc.) and industries around the globe.

›› Industry Professionals

By conducting research and providing lectures by industry professionals, KSIM provides an ideal learning environment to assist students in understanding the theories and mechanisms of Information & Media, ultimately preparing students for their professional lives.

›› Network of Business Leaders

The KSIM MBA program undergoes a rigorous student selection process, providing an intense education to prepare students to become true professionals. Moreover, KSIM MBA students have the benefit of building up broad and strong ties of human network among fellow students (Graduate School of Management, Graduate School of Finance, Management Engineering Program, Executive Management Program) and also graduates of the former MIS/Telecom MBA program who are currently highly regarded successful professionals in the IT/Media industry. Furthermore, KSIM consistently provides rich alumni services for students after graduation, in order to strengthen the network among graduates

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