CEIBS Executive Education

by London, Brunel University August 20th, 2008
CEIBS Executive Education offers Open Programmes, Company Specific Programmes, and a selection of collaborative programmes
developed in conjunction with leading business schools globally covering core areas including General Management, Strategy and Leadership, Marketing and Sales, Organisation and Management, Finance, and Production/Operations.
The flagship CEIBS Executive Education Programmes include:
  • Diploma in Management Programme, aimed at fast-track mid-level managers.
  • Advanced Management Programme, designed for general managers in fast-growing successful enterprises.
  • CFO Programme, exclusively tailor-made for CFOs and finance directors.
  • Diploma in Hospital Management Programme, aimed at senior hospital management.
  • China Expatriate Programme, designed for senior expatriate managers interested in accelerating business success in China.
  • Global CEO Programme, tailor-made for CEOs in most successful Chinese enterprises.

CEIBS Open Programmes

The Open Programmes are designed for mid- to senior-level managers seeking to update, deepen, and broaden their management knowledge and functional expertise, and to learn from and network with participants from a wide range of industries. These programmes are a showcase for cutting-edge international theories and practices in each of the management disciplines covered. A substantial part of the learning process comes through interactions among participants, facilitated by the active guidance of highly experienced faculty. As a leading executive education provider, CEIBS regularly updates and launches new programmes in order to meet changing market demands and to provide managers with the most advanced international management knowledge.

Company Specific Programmes

The Company Specific Programmes (CSPs) are designed to meet the specific executive development needs of an individual client company. These tailor-made programmes offer a highly effective tool for fostering organisational transformation and development. Customisation and a partnership approach are two distinctive features of the CSPs. The programmes are designed by taking into account a company's specific needs through an analysis of its industrial features, business strategies, corporate culture and strategy for talent development.

Collaborative Programmes

CEIBS is working closely with leading global business schools in developing collaborative programmes for the high-end market, including:
  • CEIBS-Harvard Business School-IESE Business School Joint Global CEO Programme;
  • CEIBS-Wharton Joint Programme: Corporate Governance and Board of Directors;
  • CEIBS-INSEAD Multinational Management Programme;
  • CEIBS-Michigan Ross School of Business Joint Diploma in Management Programme,
  • CEIBS-Columbia Business School Joint Advanced Marketing Management Programme.

These programmes are designed to create great value for customers by drawing the best faculty from around the world and incorporating the most-updated knowledge and best Chinese business practice.

Voice of students

"In our Management Development Programme (MDP), CEIBS and Sony designed and assigned one Graduation Project to all participants in addition to their MDP learning modules. Action Learning Process (ALP) offers a platform for all participants to share and apply their accumulated knowledge to Sony's actual business. Through the team project development, they experienced team formation, project management and experienced opportunities to learn business operations from different viewpoints; in a cross-functional manner. It promotes and helps individuals to broaden their views toward the functions of organisations beyond their responsibilities, enabling enhancement in internal communications, thus enriching know-how and tactics in business management as a whole."
Seiichi Kawasaki
Vice Chairman & President, Sony (China) Limited

"Participating in the Global CEO Programme helped me open up my mind and view the overall economic development and industry trends from a global perspective. I acquired new ways of thinking about strategy and finance models. For me, this programme was very enlightening."

Guo Wei, Global CEO Programme 2006 Participant
President & CEO, Digital China (China) Limited

"I highly recommend the China Expatriate Programme. The programme offered me a deeper understanding of China and also helped to explain some of my personal encounters since coming to China. The programme has enabled me to rethink and improve my approach to doing business in China."

Carsten Oehler, China Expatriate Programme 2006 Participant
Partner, Risk Advisory Services, KPMG Huazhen

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