Ufa State Petroleum Technological University overview

September 5th, 2011

USPTU is ranked among the best technical universities in the country. Since its foundation in 1943, the University has acquired an excellent reputation for the quality of teaching and research as well as student care services. Today USPTU has a complex structure and comprises 9 buildings and 8 faculties, each containing corresponding academic chairs. Each building is provided with a large research and laboratory center. USPTU has three branches that offer graduate and professional degree programs in other cities of the region.

The University has a broad range of programmes which are designed to offer students valuable and relevant skills. These are petroleum and pipeline engineering, geology and mineral survey, heat and power energetics, chemical and biotechnology, environment protection, electrical engineering, control engineering, informatics and computer science, industrial and civil engineering, economics and management. Developing students’ skills and expertise, the programs enable them to specialize in their chosen field at the highest level of competence and be useful in today’s job market.

Over 15 000 students take advantage of first-rate educational opportunities found at USPTU. They study at the following faculties:

Oil Mining Faculty;

Technological Faculty;

Mechanical Faculty;

Faculty of Pipeline Transportation;

Faculty of Architecture and Construction;

Faculty of Industrial Processes Automation;

Institute of Economics;

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Besides, the University has the Faculty of Distance Education, the Institute for Professional Development Education and the Faculty of Preliminary Training that places a high emphasis on teaching the Russian Language to students from overseas countries. Upon completion of a corresponding Russian language programme that ends with granting the certificates of two types, foreign students can be enrolled at USPTU.

The University has developed valuable partnerships and links with many local, national and international companies and attracts a lot of students from overseas countries. USPTU is integrated into the international higher education system and since 1996 it has been a full member of International Association of Universities.

USPTU prides itself on its high quality teaching. The University’s faculty and staff number more than 1 200 specialists. Among them are approximately 200 Doctors of Sciences, over 600 Candidates of Sciences and experienced, highly-skilled specialists. Over the years USPTU has trained over 60 thousand highly qualified certified engineers to work for the companies in fuel and energy complex, construction industry, oil and gas production enterprises of the Russian Federation and overseas countries. The university’s staff are dedicated to helping students develop practical skills and carefully plan their future careers. As a result of such a well-proven approach, USPTU graduates are found worldwide, making significant contributions in their fields.

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