Konecranes as an employer: Lawrence's story

by Konecranes October 27th, 2011

Lawrence, Assistant Project Manager, Shangai (China)

Keeping it together

I’m responsible for component deliveries and the implementation of key nuclear industry projects in China. This means ensuring that projects are running smoothly and on schedule, with emphasis on matters such as quality, cost control, documentation, logistics, packing and terms of contract. I have a great job. Everything is interesting and I get to learn new things all the time. 

Building trust

The job involves lots of cooperation with different departments and plenty of customer contact. Success in this industry requires that we offer only the best to our customers and that we also follow up and check that everything is running smoothly. Solving customer issues is what builds trust. You need to have excellent communication skills to succeed in this job. lawrence_card.png : 23 kB

The future looks great

Konecranes is definitely heading in the right direction. We have the best equipment and services, and also the best management. Konecranes employees are also given opportunities to grow and learn from each other so that we can all do a better job. On my part I’ve moved from the equipment, customer service and purchasing departments to my present job. I’m looking forward to developing my skills in the future. 


To help you get to know Konecranes better we have prepared a slideshow for you here. It contains plenty of information about us – and also what we are like as an employer. 

Please take a look and let us know what you think. It’s always great when potential employees get in touch!