They are willing to invest a lot in me

by Novo Nordisk Denmark November 17th, 2011

“My experience as a student at Novo Nordisk is that they are willing to invest a lot in me. The balance of how much I am involved in tasks is exactly right - I can give something back to the company and make a difference without compromising my studies.”

Coming back for more

I first applied for a student position at Novo Nordisk when I had just completed my basic education in Business Studies at the age of 20. I was part of a programme that found work experience placements for Danish students in different countries. I interviewed with four companies in the UK, but after my interview with Novo Nordisk I was hooked. I realised that I wouldn’t be seen as ‘cheap labour’ but as an asset that deserved investment! I realised then, as we discussed the long-term horizon, that my future was with Novo Nordisk.

I spent the next 2 years in the UK office in their Operations and Finance department. For me, it was almost like a ‘semi-degree’ in accounting. When I returned to Denmark I began my bachelor’s degree. Six months later I again applied for a student position with Novo Nordisk, this time in the Research and Development department in Gentofte where I worked on an IT system for their Balanced Scorecard. On average I worked 15 hours a week, but the company was very flexible so if I had exams I worked less but between exams I worked a little more. I was impressed at how accommodating the company was to my needs.

I am now 6 months into my third student placement with Novo Nordisk! These last few months in the Corporate Financial Planning department have been a steep learning curve for me and now I am looking forward to giving something back to the company in the coming months and years.

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