R&D: Anna

by Outokumpu May 3rd, 2012


Country of origin:

Current position:
Global Innovation Manager

Current Office:
Avesta, Sweden

What do you do?
My main responsibility is to lead the development of innovation processes with the help of idea management tools and methods and to facilitate ways of working with ideas. This means to improve the process and structure for handling ideas within the Outokumpu Group. It’s also to engage the organisation in activities and ways of working towards a more creative environment.

Why did you join Outokumpu?
I was attracted by the opportunities Outokumpu could offer as a global player within the stainless steel industry. I joined the Stainless Pro graduate program and this gave me the chance to learn more about the industry and develop myself through demanding tasks on different sites and functions.

What is it like to work at Outokumpu?
It’s fun and interesting. I learn something new every day and my colleagues make my days stimulating.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?
I feel like I can contribute and affect the organisation I work in for the better. I like to see other people realizing their ideas and I’m happy if I can help them. 

What kind of development opportunities does Outokumpu offer you?
So far, I’ve had the chance to constantly develop myself with new tasks and in that way I have improved my skills within different areas and not just my specialist area. I’ve also had the chance to try job rotation which I think is a great opportunity to learn something new.