People who enjoy coming to work

by Lockheed Martin November 18th, 2011


A setting that opens possibilities.
Lockheed Martin has a positive energy culture with an exciting and supportive environment. You'll work with people who enjoy coming to work…and having fun while they're at it. In benchmarking our employee surveys with other companies, Lockheed Martin's work environment ranks as a competitive advantage. This includes:

• Commitment to Ethics
• Project Significance
• Quality of People
• Inclusive Work Environment
• Work/Life Balance
• Corporate Citizenship
• Safety and Health

Commitment to Ethics.
It's important to join a company that stands for the highest ethical standards. It matters to everyone - you as an employee and your family, our business partners and our customers. We are committed to honesty and fairness, providing a safe and healthy environment and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Project Significance.
Our employees have opportunities to work on projects of technical and national significance, serving as members of high-performing teams led by some of the industry's top experts. Our company history spans the better part of a century shaping cutting-edge achievements and solutions. Lockheed Martin employees continue to be at the forefront of the most advanced initiatives that are changing the world, exploring our universe and preserving our freedom.

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