Looking for new challenges? Don't Look Further

by Outokumpu October 27th, 2011

Looking for new challenges? Don't look further.
Outokumpu aims to be the number one in our field – stainless steel – in many ways. That is why we invest so much time, energy and resources in the development of our employees. 

When working for Outokumpu you will notice that you are trusted with responsibility very soon, that you are encouraged to make decisions and that training is offered so that you can further your own development. Workdays at Outokumpu are filled with new challenges to extend your boundaries and make you develop as a professional and an individual alike. So if you are of the right material, there is literally no limit to the possibilities and challenges at Outokumpu.

Believe in yourself! We do.
At Outokumpu, we have leadership principles that are for everybody to follow. These principles are there to create opportunities for you and to make sure Outokumpu provides you with an inspiring, ambitious and encouraging atmosphere. And full support. 

Outokumpu's leadership principles are fairly straightforward, one could argue they are even selfevident. Each of them can be easily applied to different types of situations and provide real hands-on approach. Take a look at the leadership principles and see if you would like to work in a company that values this type of matters!

Outokumpu's Leadership Principles
- Making sound decisions
- Achieving ambitious targets
- Creating a winning team
- Inspiring to perform
- Building trust and respect

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