Vestas Wind Systems A/S

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Experience the forces of wind

Join Vestas and work with cutting-edge wind technology.

As one of the world leaders in wind power solutions with wind turbine installations in over 65 countries and more than 20.000 employees globally, Vestas looks to accelerate innovation through the development of our employees' skills and talents. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions dramatically and ensure a sustainable world for future generations.




Our strategy

A world that, if we have our way, will be powered by far, far more than the predicted 10% of electricity by wind by 2020.

A world where Wind takes its place alongside Oil & Gas through ever more competitive cost of electricity and its efficient and reliable delivery on an industrial and global scale.

A world populated by far more than the 43,000 turbines that we’ve already raised on behalf of our customers in sixty five countries across five continents.

A world where we are relentlessly committed to focusing our 30 years pioneering pure-play experience, our R&D centre (the largest in the world), every shred of revelatory data from our real-time monitoring of thousands of turbines; and the unmatched diversity of capability and skills residing in our more than 20,000 people worldwide, on one pure goal: generating the greatest and most sustainable return on wind for our customers.

Because a world without our customers success is a world without Wind. That failure is not an option, neither for Vestas, our customers, or our planet.


Business goals

Vestas aims to provide its customers with the lowest cost per MWh produced, “Cost of Energy”, and optimum security for the capital invested in a wind power plant, “Business Case Certainty” – Vestas delivers as promised. Under the “Easy to work with” principle, Vestas also endeavors to become a more flexible and knowledgeable business partner because significantly improved customer loyalty is a prerequisite for Vestas to retain its market-leading position

Being the industry’s leading player and a pure-play spokesperson, Vestas aims to ensure that wind power remains at the top of the global energy agenda. This is achieved through dialogue with politicians, public servants, interest groups and NGOs the world over and through advice and information to the public about the potential of wind power, both in individual markets and worldwide.

Read more about Vestas om www.vestas.com


Company information


Energy/Natural Resources


Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Alsvej 21
8940 Randers SV

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